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Digger Hire West Auckland, North Shore and Rodney

We do excavations. Any earthmoving work you need carried out, we have the men and the machinery for the job. From bulk excavation, damn building, demolition, site clearance to driveway and footpath preparation, trenching, digging connections and residential landscaping with minimal ground disturbance, we can get it done. Would you like more usable flat area, gardens, lawns, a pool, pond or landscaped retaining walls to shape your property and protect against erosion? Just ask.

Want to organise the job yourself? No problem

You can hire the drivers and diggers by the hour and we can transport the excavation equipment to your site. Our fleet of late-model excavation machinery, transporters and trucks are maintained to the highest standards and operated by skilled, conscientious, hard-working operators.

Based in Kumeu, our excavation contractors can provide the expertise, diggers and trucks you need from Albany across to Kaukapakapa and up to Warkworth.

All our operators have at least 5 years’ experience, are RTW (wheels tracks and rollers) endorsed and are professional, punctual and proactive.

What Can Our Diggers and Drivers Do For You?

  • 1.8-tonne diggers: ideal for limited access sites, digging connections and excavating around driveways, lawns and houses while causing minimal disturbance.
  • 3.5-tonne digger:we use this machine for house and residential drainage jobs, access ways into garages, footpaths and general driveway shaping.
  • 5.5-tonne digger: this is our machine for installing soak holes, trenching, back-filling, footings, residential drainage, driveways and smaller excavations. 
  • 14-tonne digger:this digger is great for trenching, footings, back-filling, digging pools, rock-breaking, ripping compacted soil, site clearance, demolition and excavation.
  • 23-tonne digger: this powerful machine is what we pull out for subdivisions, bulk excavations, tree clearance, roads, driveways, damn digging and demolition.

Get your groundwork laid right

Call 09 4122642 for truck and digger hire West Auckland, North Shore and Rodney.